I'm posting this less than a week after Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States, only a few months after the UK voted to exit the European Union.

Both events have led to a massive outpouring of hatred for Muslims, women, immigrants, trans people, people of colour, and other vulnerable groups.

That's awful, and I don't want to show my approval of these backwards attitudes by not doing my part to help out people who feel endangered or alienated by these societal changes. I thing a good way to do that is by offering my services as an IT professional for free.

I'm a pretty socially anxious person and I've got lots of work to do to be a better ally, but one thing I can offer immediately is help with Information Technology.

I've started a project for myself called INNER JOIN with the aim of bringing together people with IT skills and Social Justice groups. That'll take a while to get traction though, so in the mean time this page is here to offer my help to any 'out of touch loony lefty' groups that could use some tech help.

What can I do for you?

Technical Skills

Here's a short list, but I've been messing around with computing for years. I work as a database administrator for a small development house, so I have access to help and training for things I'm not sure about:

  • Database design and administration (Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL)
  • Application design (mostly PC based, but limited mobile experience)
  • Game design and development (Mostly 2D mini games. See my GitHub page.)
  • PC/Mac troubleshooting
  • Website hosting
  • Podcasting setup & hosting

I can provide training either in-person or via webcam for anything above, or other general computing skills (introductory coding, basic computer skills etc.). If you're pretty local to me (Derbyshire/Yorkshire) then I can come to you at no charge. If you're further away then all I ask is for a transport contribution.

Ask me!

If you run or are involved in a group or organisation supporting social justice issues (feminist, antifascist, animal rights, LGBTQIA, PoC groups for example) and you need a hand with ANYTHING IT related, feel free to mail me at [email protected] and if I can't help I'll try to find someone that can.

I can't cover recurring costs for things like hosting or domains unfortunately, but I can work with you to find free or low cost options that meet your needs.

How can you reach me?

Please give me a shout via email or over on Twitter if I can help in any way. Also, share this link anywhere you think might be helpful.